Despite, economic crisis in the most countries of the world are facing today, we have professionals, portfolio managers that will increase your investing confidence and give you control over your finances. Building an investment portfolio does require more effort than a passive, index investing approach when our professionals are involved.

  1. The Hybrid Portfolio
  2. We will help you build a hybrid portfolio venturing into other investments, such as bonds, commodities, real estate and even art. Basically, there is a lot of flexibility in the hybrid portfolio approach. Traditionally, this type of portfolio would contain blue chip stocks and some high grade government or corporate bonds and treasury bills.
  3. The Income Portfolio  On income portfolio, we focus on making money through dividends or other types of distributions to our stakeholders. Some companies we trade are somewhat like the safe defensive stocks but should offer higher yields. Our income portfolio generates positive cash flow because we go for the best. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and Master limited partnership (MLP) are excellent sources of income producing investments which we encourage our clients to venture into. These companies return a great majority of their profits back to shareholders in exchange.