Got needs for bridge financing or micro business running for expansion? SME loan is just perfect for your startup investment. If you are looking for lowest interest rate option, a collateral loan would definitely be the best choice.

Requirements for (SME Loan)


As part of pre-qualification, the business had to be running for at least 1 year already and have complete documents as listed below.

– Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration for corporation type of business.

-Business operation permits.

-For corporation – you need to provide original and notarized board resolution to borrow duly signed the corporate board.

-Latest 3-4 months bank statement – strictly requires current account statement.

-2 valid National ID cards or any valid ID cards.

-Original water bill or electric bill (proof of billing) (not necessarily under your name but must have same address as valid IDs.

-Completely filled up application form.

-4 passport photograph.