The daily activity of waking up early, going to  work, bearing office drama, and repeating it almost every day is the story of an employee’s life, while entrepreneurs are their own bosses.

However, we all have an opportunity to be our own boss, becoming a success, and working for ourselves. Becoming an entrepreneur gives you the security of steady income, it doesn’t give you that much growth if you’re looking to be wealthy some day and earn a million Naira a year.

Entrepreneurship, done the right way, can give you that, but its not a days task.

If you’re still thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or if you have already embarked upon the entrepreneurial journey, here are reasons to remind you why you have made  the right  decision to run your own business:

1. Work for Yourself

Working 9-5 for a company in which you have little emotional investment can become quite a struggle. Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to go to work because you simply don’t care for it enough compared to the owner.

Sure, you’re “making a living,” but are you really living your life?

Business has little room for sentimentalism. It’s about being pragmatic and decisive. However, in order to stay motivated and really reach those glorious, over-sized dreams, you need to have some emotional attachment. And that only truly comes from starting your own business.

The days of working for a company and retiring on pension plan are archaic. Your income is too important to be left in the hands of others. Becoming an entrepreneur will give you that freedom to decide an income for yourself. And to increase it more and more, you’ll worker harder than you ever have before and that amounts to success—hard work truly pays dividends.

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2. Earn as Much as You Work

Working hard is the only stepping stone to success. Once you work for yourself, your work ethic will change drastically as you’ll have no choice but to work in order to survive. This may sound daunting, but when you have your own business, it literally becomes your ba, and as a “parent,” you’ll sacrifice anything for your “child’s” achievement.

Once you understand this, your earning potential can be limitless. You’ll realize that the harder you work, the more you can grow and earn. If you were still at an office working for someone else, no matter how hard you worked, you are never going to receive the same amount of money as the CEO of that company.

But now that you are the owner, you can set yourself any financial target you wish. Nothing is unattainable.

3. Freedom to Live

You could spend 40 hours a week slaving for a company that you do not care about and still just live paycheck to paycheck, or you could take your business to towering heights and earn enough money to enjoy a better life for yourself and your family.

This is not to say you work less as an entrepreneur. In fact, you’ll probably end up working much more. But the difference is this:

  • Employee: You have an important family function to attend to. You have a dreaded phone call to make, and fake, to your boss. “Can I be excused for Friday?” you ask, petrified. You’re allowed. Just about. But now you’ve lost your holiday entitlement.
  • Entrepreneur: You have an important family function to attend. “I’ll take the day off.”

You can always make up for lost time or delegate when you’re the boss of a company, without the added pressure of being judged or scrutinized. You play your own rules.

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4. Work Anywhere

Ever tried carrying your office desk and told your boss, “I feel like working in the park today … ? Perhaps it wouldn’t go down too well. But when you work for yourself, especially true for non-brick-and-mortar enterprises, you can work wherever you like.

Take your laptop to the park, absorb some sunshine, and make big decisions. If you’re not an internet marketer or have an online business where you only need your laptop for most working days, then you can still decide where you want to launch your business. You can’t tell your current boss that you want him to buy an office near your house or the banks of a Barbados beach.

But if you want to launch your own business on foreign shores, there’s nothing stopping you.

5. Leave Your Legacy

You can’t leave your current manager’s wealth or company to your kids. It’s not yours, simple. But when you become an entrepreneur and launch your own business, you can pass this legacy on to your children, grandchildren, and so forth.

Besides passing your legacy on to your family, your name (and/or your company name) can forever be immortalized in the social sphere if it’s a success. For instance, Coca-Cola started out 130 years ago! It still remains one of the biggest brands in the world with no sign of slowing down. Coca-Cola is known the world over and, as of May 2015, it had a market cap of $179.9 billion (according to Forbes).

Additionally, a successful entrepreneur can have a big impact on society when it comes to charity and providing aid. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is a prime example and has become the largest private foundation in the world.

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Running a business is not easy and it takes a lot of time, dedication and energy, but so do a lot of jobs. Do your research and homework and determine if it is truly something that you are able and willing to invest in. Times are changing and so much business and our minds. Consider taking the plunge and live the dream.