Have you been thinking on how to meet your personal needs? Personal loan is here to meet your needs. We designed this loan to meet your immediate cash need and to bridge our client’s financial gaps. Because of how urgency this may be, it can be processed and disbursed within 2hrs -12hrs.   This product is structured for the Salary earners (oil company staff, Telecommunication staff, Bankers and other professionals.





Latest Original Certificate of Employment

Latest 1 Month Payslip

Latest 3-4 months bank statement – strictly requires current Salary account statement.

Any 2 Primary Valid IDs
Latest Electric or Water Bill (must have same address as 2 IDs)
2 passport photograph

A guarantor from your working place.


Despite, economic crisis in the most countries of the world are facing today, we have professionals, portfolio managers that will increase your investing confidence and give you control over your finances. Building an investment portfolio does require more effort than a passive, index investing approach when our professionals are involved.

  1. The Hybrid Portfolio
  2. We will help you build a hybrid portfolio venturing into other investments, such as bonds, commodities, real estate and even art. Basically, there is a lot of flexibility in the hybrid portfolio approach. Traditionally, this type of portfolio would contain blue chip stocks and some high grade government or corporate bonds and treasury bills.
  3. The Income Portfolio  On income portfolio, we focus on making money through dividends or other types of distributions to our stakeholders. Some companies we trade are somewhat like the safe defensive stocks but should offer higher yields. Our income portfolio generates positive cash flow because we go for the best. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) and Master limited partnership (MLP) are excellent sources of income producing investments which we encourage our clients to venture into. These companies return a great majority of their profits back to shareholders in exchange.


Got needs for bridge financing or micro business running for expansion? SME loan is just perfect for your startup investment. If you are looking for lowest interest rate option, a collateral loan would definitely be the best choice.

Requirements for (SME Loan)


As part of pre-qualification, the business had to be running for at least 1 year already and have complete documents as listed below.

– Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) registration for corporation type of business.

-Business operation permits.

-For corporation – you need to provide original and notarized board resolution to borrow duly signed the corporate board.

-Latest 3-4 months bank statement – strictly requires current account statement.

-2 valid National ID cards or any valid ID cards.

-Original water bill or electric bill (proof of billing) (not necessarily under your name but must have same address as valid IDs.

-Completely filled up application form.

-4 passport photograph.


Have you been waiting an opportunity to purchase your first home or you are trying to pay your house rent? This is likely the best option to achieve all your accommodation related issues. Petjoa global accommodation loan will help you get into homes that would take your years to save for.



We structured this loan to provide financial support and assistance to business micro groups and her members, it is designed strictly for business men and women which requires at least five (5) registered member in the group.

The disbursable amount ranges between #50,000.00 – #500,000.00



This platform is designed to enable our customers secure any home appliances of their choice without going through rigorous repayment plan. This offer is open for both wages and salary earners can be processed and disbursed within 24 hrs


Petjoa Global Investment Limited (PGIL) makes it easier for you to drive the vehicle of your choice . We have a range of products for new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Our competitive rates will get you in the vehicle you want with a payment you can afford.